Effective business negotiations

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You negotiate every day. But do you always get the result you want?

Do you often find yourself in the middle of complex discussions? Do you perceive your counterparts as being difficult? Do you feel misunderstood? Do talks only ever revolve around price? Have you had enough of bad compromises? Would you like to negotiate better and achieve more? You’ve come to the right place.

As leading specialists in premium negotiation training, we provide you and your team with hands-on training, workshops and consulting services on the topic of “negotiating better".
A focus on critical success factors, intensive exercise and immediately applicable strategies and tools will enable a rapid transfer into practice and better negotiation results.

What we offer you

Open training seminars

Exciting, in-depth and with lots of practice. After each training seminar you will be equipped with tried-and-tested tools and strategies that you can use right away. That’s guaranteed.

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In-house training

You can also book our training seminars for in-house sessions with special deals available for groups of six or more. You choose the date and location!

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We help you prepare for important or difficult negotiations, or for your role as advisor and expert in important or difficult negotiations. We bring security, experience and strategic negotiation skills to the fore.

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Don‘t leave negotiation outcomes to chance.
In the end, you don’t get what you deserve
but only what you negotiate.

Christian Koller, Managing Partner En GardE

Why you will profit from our seminars

Two experienced negotiation experts

Two experienced negotiation experts are available for every En GardE negotiation training seminar. That way, each participant can take the fullest advantage of every minute of the seminar, and is consistently supported and guided.

Intensive practical content - learning by doing

In up to 12 practical cases, participants are constantly challenged. This means that 80% of the training seminar is spent practising specific negotiation situations.

Innovative split screen video feedback

En GardE works live with split screen technology and multiple perspectives. The resulting analysis therefore offers unprecedented intensity and precision, for both negotiating parties at the same time.

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