Negotiation consulting

We bring security, experience and strategic negotiation skills to the fore.

Do you need to conduct difficult negotiations? Are they important negotiations with a lot at stake? And would you like to come out of these negotiations with better results?

When it is really important, our experts do not hesitate: when faced with important negotiations, difficult counterparts or even potential conflicts, it is reassuring to be able to rely on a competent and experienced partner. Whether with individual coaching, back-up consultation or even an active role on your team.

Areas of consulting

Preparation of negotiations

Together with one of our negotiation experts, we analyse the initial situation and plan a strategy that promises success. After a thorough check of how you negotiate, you will learn about the necessary tools to put a successful change into practice.
You will be well prepared for complex negotiations: we help you coordinate your negotiating teams, practise during role plays and plan alternative scenarios using video analysis.

Support during important negotiations

Our negotiation experts actively support you during critical negotiations and give helpful feedback and tips.
This can be done in two ways:

We can either stay in the background without playing an active part in the negotiation itself. Or we can assist you during your actual negotiation in a role agreed in advance.

Analysis and improvements

Just as one important negotiation comes to an end, another will often be about to start. This is why we deem it essential to analyse what you’ve achieved so far and how you’ve got there, thus creating the basis for further improvements and sustainable outcomes. Together, we then focus on the future: securing and implementing the results of your negotiations, planning your follow-up strategy and taking your negotiation skills even further.

En GardE negotiation consulting takes our clients to the next level. Together we secure deals and maximise your return on your investment.

Christian Koller, Managing Partner En GardE

Our approach for you

We show you how to focus on the four essential phases of any negotiation:
preparation – negotiation – analysis – outlook

We support you every step of the way, with our experience and valuable advice.
And we do this by selecting the modules that are right for you, and then go on and help you use and implement them. So that you reach your goals.


  • Potential analysis
  • Key stakeholder analysis
  • Putting together a negotiating team
  • En GardE Strategic Planner
  • Aces workshop und pitfalls
  • Practising and learning from cases
  • Using tactics and tools


  • Back-up
  • Feedback and team inputs
  • Possible active role in negotiations
  • Strategies and tactics


  • Analysis workshop
  • Feedback and lessons
  • Recommendations for your next steps


  • Securing and implementing results
  • Follow-up strategy and lessons learned, planning future negotiations
  • Improvements, processes, knowledge management, synergies within the company

Your benefit – how we get there

By analysing your interests, goals and potential • By identifying the right strategies and tactics • By screening all stakeholders • By working together on your best arguments • By unearthing potential stumbling blocks • By practising conversation techniques • By providing back-up during your negotiations • By analysing, listing the lessons learned and making recommendations

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