Corporate Negotiation Strategy

Our Corporate Negotiation Strategy consists of a multi-stage development process. Our goal is to make existing negotiation skills in the company visible, to analyse them and to develop them further on an ongoing basis.

Through the sustainable change of learned behaviour, both on an individual and on a group dynamic level, this leads to an improved and consistent negotiation expertise within your company.

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Every relevant change in everyday business life is linked to a negotiation.

Bernd Schnabl, Managing Partner En GardE

The Corporate Negotiation Strategy consists of three modules:


The workshops create a common starting point and a qualitative standard of negotiation competence in your company. The preparation and follow-up, target definitions and scope of responsibility are determined. The focus of this level is on synchronising what has been learned with the individual environment of your company.


In the trainings, participants spend 80% of the training time in actual negotiation situations. All participants receive individual feedback from the training team. Using DPV's "double-picture video" technology, participants are shown their individual behavioural patterns and the development of discussion and negotiation dynamics.


Coaching consists of a competence diagnostic analysis. This shows where possible potential and learning areas lie. Participants have the opportunity to take part in individual coaching sessions and receive a comprehensive KODE® competence profile. This gives participants the opportunity to further optimise their personal negotiation skills.

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In-house training seminars are available for groups of six or more. You choose the date and location!

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Process, staff & personalities in alignment

Consciously or unconsciously, people always act here with their own needs, interests and personality structures. This is precisely why we pursue a holistic approach in which human as well as strategic and economic factors in the negotiation processes are analysed and made conscious. All modules are adapted to your needs.

You can see an example of the Corporate Negotiation Strategy here.

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