New COVID-19 protective measures regulation from 17.11.2020:

We are also in the "intensified lockdown" from 17.11.2020, we are still happy to be there for you, personally or virtually.

According to the latest regulation of the Federal Government for the "intensified lockdown", B2B services are still allowed even from 17.11.2020, 00:00h, in compliance with security regulations (minimum distance, MNS, etc.).


For details see Download: "WKÖ criteria list" (as of 16.11.2020, 15:00h), page 6 "Management consulting or seminar organization".

Therefore, we want to and will of course support you in this special time - of course within the framework of the legal possibilities - with our best efforts.

For you this means:


If you wish, we will be happy to hold your already booked classroom training courses for you in the above-mentioned period as scheduled and unchanged classroom events. However, please clarify in advance whether the booked location is actually available for the training.

Alternatively, we will also be happy to conduct these events for you as web training live from our new HPS web studio, subject to availability. Advantages: Your participants can take part without risk from their own home office or from the office and you save additional travel/accommodation costs.

All trainings from the Web-Studio have been very successful so far. Without exception, all participants were impressed by the intensity, quality and practical benefits of our virtual LIVE events.


At your request, we will continue to conduct agreed coaching sessions in the form of personal meetings during this period. Alternatively, we will be happy to provide this service in virtual form for you.

Security measures

Your and our health continues to be our top priority, even during the "tightened lockdown". Of course, we will continue to strictly follow the relevant legal requirements (distance, MNS, ventilation, hygiene, etc.) during personal meetings with you and your participants. In addition, we minimize the risk of infection within the En GardE teams through a strict attendance schedule in the office.


Should there be any new changes to the protective measures, we will of course react immediately. If you have any questions, please call us. We are always happy to hear from you and will find a good and safe solution for you even in these special times.

Your En GardE Team

(as of 17.11.2020, 00:00h)

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