En GardE factors

We guarantee you a unique training experience with sustainable results. This is based on the following eight factors:

Two experienced negotiation experts

Two experienced negotiation experts are available throughout each En GardE negotiation training session. That way, each participant can take the fullest advantage of every minute of the training, and is consistently supported and guided.

Intensive practical content – learning by doing

In up to 12 practical cases, the participants are constantly challenged. This means that 80% of the training is spent on concrete practice negotiations. Plus: participants even get the opportunity to prepare and solve their own cases.

Rising difficulty level

The case studies in the training are tricky, the level of difficulty is constantly increasing. During the training, the participants gain negotiation skills which enable them to solve any task successfully – in face-to-face negotiations as well as in team or multilateral negotiations.

Innovative split screen video feedback

En GardE works live with split screen technology and multiple perspectives. The resulting analysis therefore offers unprecedented intensity and precision, for both negotiating parties at the same time.

Quickly applicable practical tools

Practice transfer is En GardE’s maxim. Immediately after a training session, every participant is equipped to apply the skills they learned, confidently and reliably. The En GardE tools are simple and quick to use, and a valuable support in practice.

Negotiator – Assistant – Analyst

Only those who are familiar with all of these roles understand the principle of successful negotiations. Every negotiator experiences situations differently. This improves mutual understanding and gives valuable insights into unfamiliar strategies and tactics.

Intensity and tension

Valuable learning and action from the first to the last minute. Furthermore, the special »Progressive Feedback« guarantees a training experience with maximum intensity. In the course of three training days: 30 hours, 2 trainers, 10 participants, 12 practical cases, 2 negotiation rooms, 4 cameras.

Quality through experience

We organise your training seminar professionally, offer follow-up and carry out extensive quality checks. Our multi-stage training audit shows: for more than 70% of our participants the training pays off within just 12 months, and 97% of them recommend us.

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