In-house training

All of our training sessions can be booked in-house, and with the possibility of tailoring the training content to the particular needs of your company. With our »curriculum«, we offer an individual negotiation training with a mix of classroom events and blended learning elements for businesses.

Your benefits

Confidential settings

Utmost confidence is guaranteed because it’s only your own organisation’s employees that participate.

Team effects

Working together has the added benefit of creating a team building effect: your team will get stronger while mastering the training situation.

Optimal price-performance ratio

An in-house training pays for groups of six or more.

Solutions for current problems

With an in-house training we will be able to work out concrete strategies for your company’s specific negotiations.


You determine the time and place

Customised content

Work on your company’s own practical cases with trainers who have the pertinent industry experience.

Contact us. We will be delighted to advise you.

We are happy to advise you on the perfect training for you.