Hanno Hildebrandt

Educational background
Graduate engineer TU Braunschweig, training as mental trainer and business coach (Constance Seminars).

Professional background

Hanno's extensive negotiation skills result from his 20-year professional career in the automotive supply industry and in mechanical and plant engineering as a sales manager, purchasing manager and commercial director, most recently with divisional responsibility for 25 employees with a purchasing volume in the triple-digit million range p.a.. (metal, plastics, electrical engineering, electronics, ...).

Since 2019 Hanno Hildebrandt is a negotiation and organization consultant. He advises decision makers in complex negotiations - especially in purchasing and sales tasks - but also offers process analysis and process optimization, as well as organizational improvements, especially in purchasing. His industry focus is on the manufacturing industry and international trade.
Hanno Hildebrandt combines many years of experience from various management positions with outstanding negotiation know-how and has a structured view of the big picture.

En GardE focus
Hanno Hildebrandt leads the training "Negotiate better - achieve more" or "Effective business negotiations" (bilingual: German, English).

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