Jens-Uwe Wünsch

Educational background

Diploma in Biology, University "Wilhelm Pieck", Rostock, Germany

Professional background

With over 30 years of experience in the IVD industry in sales and as a manager, Jens-Uwe Wünsch offers a unique combination of technical-scientific and sales skills. His professional background includes senior positions at MD&D Alliance GmbH and R-Biopharm AG, where he served as Vice President and Director. He has established and managed global distribution networks with a large number of distributors and manufacturers in more than 100 countries. His extensive experience and deep cultural understanding, acquired through intensive travel and business activities in diverse markets, make him a valuable asset in any negotiation.

Jens-Uwe Wünsch has successfully implemented his expertise in various sectors, including healthcare and nutritional consulting, working closely with leading companies. His commitment and passion for knowledge sharing is reflected in his successful work with teams and individuals worldwide.

En GardE Focus

As a certified En GardE trainer, Jens-Uwe Wünsch specializes in the training courses "Negotiate better - achieve more" in German and English.

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