Aces workshop

The purpose of the »Aces workshop« is to anticipate possible reactions from negotiating partners and to prepare professional tactics – tailored to the individual characteristics of your company.

»Aces« strengthen your negotiating position and expand your scope of negotiation. The workshop’s goal is to develop and strategically prepare your aces. The “Aces workshop” serves to anticipate possible reactions from negotiating partners and to develop professional approaches — individually tailored to your company.

Target group

Exclusively for participants of our in-house training seminars, in preparation for »Effective Business negotiations«.


This training seminar can only be booked as an in-house session. The content, time and venue will be tailored to your individual needs. Contact us. We will be delighted to advise you.

Workshop contents

Finding aces for added value, better performance and approaches

Together with our experts, identify the most important variables in your negotiations

Valuable aces of your negotiating partner

Identifying the advantages and variables of your negotiating partner to avoid nasty surprises

Preparing team negotiations

Analysing the strengths and weaknesses of your current team

Strategic planning of your exit and plan B

Being prepared for all options and outcomes of the negotiation

Keeping an eye on possible obstacles

Finding stumbling blocks (objections/pretexts) and developing adequate reactions

Optimising team structures

Defining the tasks and roles of your participants

Don‘t leave negotiation outcomes to chance. With our training programmes you will achieve more!

Your benefit

Better negotiation results

Achieve better prices, services and terms by negotiating more effectively.

More effective approach

Start your negotiations in a structured manner by managing negotiations without making bad compromises.

Save time

Cut down on the time needed for negotiations within your organisation by using targeted negotiation techniques.

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Contact us. We will be delighted to advise you.

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