Constructive conflict discussions

A wrong word, a misunderstanding, a demand that is perceived as unreasonable – and soon a negotiation turns into a conflict. Emotions that generally remain hidden may rise to the surface, hampering the willingness to cooperate. Mistrust grows and the negotiation stalls or is even broken off in cases of highly escalated conflicts. In this training seminar, we will look into examples from your own experience and analyse other cases, and show you how to solve conflicts and bring the negotiation back to a rational and constructive level.

Target group

Intensive training for executives and staff members who negotiate internally or externally in conflictual environments and want to achieve maximal cooperation from the other party.

This training seminar can only be booked as an in-house session. The content, time and venue will be tailored to your individual needs. Contact us. We will be delighted to advise you.

Training contents

Conflict prevention

When a negotiation turns into a conflict: recognise the signs and deal with them in a timely manner

Managing cooperative framework conditions

Establish framework conditions that encourage cooperativeness without giving up your own negotiation objective

Simple deescalation

The 4B technique: de-escalation in four steps

Self-reflection & change of perspective

Leading the conversation to focus on solutions by preparing for discussions in a structured manner

Approaching negotiations with an open mind

Addressing unacceptable behaviour or annoying issues while at the same time preserving a good climate for negotiations

Encouraging flexibility

Flexibility in conflict – how you adapt your approach to the particular situation

Don‘t leave negotiation outcomes to chance. With our training programmes you will achieve more!

Your benefit

Better negotiation results

Achieve better prices, services and terms by negotiating more effectively.

More effective approach

Start your negotiations in a structured manner by managing negotiations without making bad compromises.

Save time

Cut down on the time needed for negotiations within your organisation by using targeted negotiation techniques.

Did you know?

In-house training seminars are available for groups of six or more. You choose the date and location!

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