Investigating negotiation

A trivial offence or something that’s only just still legal? When it’s really important negotiators will use every trick in the book to get what they want. Winning is their only option. This special En GardE training seminar will show you how to easily see through your negotiating partner’s bluffs, tricks or even lies, and what you can do about it.

Target group

This seminar is for those who want to be able to see through their counterparts’ lies, bluffs and tricks and know how to react.


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Investigating negotiation (in German)

    • 1060 Wien, AT
    • Peter Ilko
    • € 1,040.00 € 1,248.00 incl. tax

All prices exclusive of 19% German or 20% Austrian VAT.
Plus board and lodging, except with "The negotiation world" and "Training tasters".

Training contents

A new perspective

Looking into lies, deceit and pretence from a psychological point of view

Benefiting from your negotiating position

Using power skilfully

Effective interrogation techniques

Questioning motive and getting to know the background story

Solving cases differently

Working on a crime case study with »ABF«

Observing with a »magic eye«

Sharpening one’s own perception and thus achieving more in negotiations

Business transfer with numerous special tools

Exciting exercises and helpful tools

Don‘t leave negotiation outcomes to chance. With our training programmes you will achieve more!

Your benefit

Better negotiation results

Achieve better prices, services and terms by negotiating more effectively.

More effective approach

Start your negotiations in a structured manner by managing negotiations without making bad compromises.

Save time

Cut down on the time needed for negotiations within your organisation by using targeted negotiation techniques.

Did you know?

In-house training seminars are available for groups of six or more. You choose the date and location!

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