Effective business negotiations, intensive: 3 days

This is our top training seminar. It includes lots of practical exercises and focuses on how to implement what you learned during the seminar, effectively and methodically. This training seminar is highly recommended if you want to be successful in your negotiations. You will be working on challenging cases during three intensive, instructive and above all inspiring training days. You will learn about tools that you can use straight away in practice and that will get you what you want, all the while ensuring that you have the skills to negotiate competently and confidently.

Target group

You negotiate every day: privately, professionally, internally, externally, at all levels and in all companies. However, often such “discussions” are not seen as negotiations – and opportunities are missed. This intensive training seminar is aimed at employees and executives who have to negotiate internally and externally, and who want to be able to achieve their own goals and secure the interests of their company.


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Effective business negotiations, intensive: 3 days (in German)

All prices exclusive of 19% German or 20% Austrian VAT.
Plus board and lodging, except with "The negotiation world" and "Training tasters".

Training contents

Effective negotiation structure

Apply the En GardE NegotiationsChrono as a structural instrument

Develop effective strategies

Organise negotiation strategies with the En GardE Strategic Planner

Maintain an overview of the facts

Differentiate important information from the unimportant fast, with the Fact Glasses

Play off negotiating positions effectively

Find your own aces and capitalise on their effect

Prepare levels for agreement properly

Establish an area for negotiation as the basis for a mutual agreement

Explain proposals effectively

Consolidate your own input effectively using a four-way chain

The give and take principle

Get to know how to avoid unnecessary »gifts« and bad compromises in practice

Avert unfair attacks fast

Recognise attacks in negotiations and parry them fast by using the »Smash Technique«

Perfecting the art of closing the deal

Learn how to close the deal every time by bringing negotiations to a successful and binding conclusion

Maximum practical use

Checklists and useful tools will be provided so that you can apply what you learned to your business negotiations

In-depth reference book

Every participant receives a reference book entitled “Der Verhandlungsprofi: Besser verhandeln, mehr erreichen”, published by Linde

The tools for your negotiation success

Our directly applicable tools support you in your preparation and handling of your negotiations

Don‘t leave negotiation outcomes to chance. With our training programmes you will achieve more!

Your benefit

Better negotiation results

Achieve better prices, services and terms by negotiating more effectively.

More effective approach

Start your negotiations in a structured manner by managing negotiations without making bad compromises.

Save time

Cut down on the time needed for negotiations within your organisation by using targeted negotiation techniques.

Did you know?

In-house training seminars are available for groups of six or more. You choose the date and location!

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