Successful negotiation by phone

Negotiating by phone can be difficult. Your negotiating partner is not in the same room as you, s/he is on the other end of a telephone line. Without eye contact, proximity and non-verbal feedback, negotiations tend to be shorter but also tougher. This leads to less information being exchanged and more assumptions being made, as well as misunderstandings occurring when subtle signals are missed. Arguments and demands also sound harder and more audacious than when made face-to-face. This is why it is vital to plan your conversation strategically and with a clear target in mind, and then to take an active lead.

Target group

People who negotiate on the phone or who conduct initial or final negotiations for others.

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Training contents

Effective negotiation structure

Use the En GardE NegotiationsChrono as a tool to lead telephone conversations

Voice and phonetics

Using voice, language, volume, pace and pauses effectively

Treating objections

Countering possible objections immediately and effectively during the call itself

The give and take principle

Getting to know how to avoid unnecessary “gifts” and bad compromises in practice

Comprehensive feedback

Practising in a real setting with video telephony including immediate audio/video feedback

Maximum practical use

Checklists and useful tools will be provided so that you can apply what you learned to your business negotiations

Don‘t leave negotiation outcomes to chance. With our training programmes you will achieve more!

Your benefit

Better negotiation results

Achieve better prices, services and terms by negotiating more effectively.

More effective approach

Start your negotiations in a structured manner by managing negotiations without making bad compromises.

Save time

Cut down on the time needed for negotiations within your organisation by using targeted negotiation techniques.

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